How to Avoid Gallbladder Pain, Gallbladder Surgery…and Gallstones too!

When our bile is not flowing, it can creep up on us without even knowing what’s happening… until we start to feel pain.

You may feel pain on the right side of your body in the upper back, neck or shoulder. You may have a tan colored stool,   your stools may become alarmingly lighter in color. Or you may develop what becomes excruciating pain, only to find out later its from a gallstone. Any or all of these changes can occur without understanding why or how it’s happening.

Of course if you have ever had gallstone pain, then you know that’s not something you like to repeat. For some folks, repeated gallstone troubles can turn into gallbladder removal. And unfortunately, the troubles don’t really end with gallbladder surgery.

Here’s where an once of prevention 

is ‘worth’ a pound of cure.

That ‘worth’ is found in knowing how to avoid gallbladder troubles in the first place.

Here are more signs and symptoms that you may be headed for gallbladder troubles:

  • Bitter taste in your mouth 
  • Floating stools
  • Pain in the upper back
  • Skin rashes
  • Brown/Dark colored urine
  • Yellow skin or yellow tint to the whites of your eyes 

Notice these are all bodily signs you can observe yourself. 

But it’s hard to know you are ‘growing’ gallstones since you can’t see the insides of your body. Nor would you necessarily know that you could be headed for an emergency trip to the hospital if your gallstones become big enough to block the ducts of the biliary tree. That’s why prevention really is worth its weight in information.

Because if a stone becomes lodged in the bile ducts and blocks the flow of bile, you are now a serious candidate for gallbladder surgery and the associated risks. Like most surgeries, there are no guarantees. Iff you are ever confronted with such a decision, then we suggest you check out the inherent risks that come with the irreversible and permanent solution of getting your gallbladder removed. In the meantime…

The very best way to keep your gallbladder

 is to keep your bile flowing.

Here are 3 steps to a healthy gallbladder: 

Feed your gallbladder the kinds of foods that will keep your bile flowing.  

     (See the‘The Gallbladder’s Grocery List’ in sidebar). 

Here are 3 steps to a Healthy Gallbladder:

1.  Feed your gallbladder the kinds of foods that will keep your bile flowing. (See 

    our ‘Gallbladder Grocery List’ for a gallbladder diet). 

2.  Eliminate toxins since bile gets rid of toxins (but not if your bile is blocked).

3.  Avoid alcohol, fast food and packaged goods that contain trans fats that stress 

     the liver. (In addition to the gallbladder, the liver is an essential organ for 

     keeping your bile flowing.) 

Get in the Flow 

If your bile starts to pile up, it’s the start to forming a gallstone.  To keep your bile flowing your body must: 

  • Make bile properly in the liver.
  • Be able to keep the bile flowing in the stomach & biliary tree. 
  • Be able to send the proper nervous, hormonal and chemical signals to activate the bile’s processes. 

Here at the Digestion Relief Center we can support your body in restoring all of these processes.  If you find that you have tried your own remedies without success, call us today for a consultation with Dr. Patrick at 530-899-8741.

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