Chronic Stress, Trauma and Nutritional Imbalances Rob Your Body of Energy 

Our body’s structure and function are inseparable. Just as you can’t have a working car without brakes or gasoline. Dr. Patrick understand that our bodies can’t function effectively with imbalances in our digestion, dysfunction in our nervous system and misalignments in our physical structure.

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While Dr. Patrick is a chiropractor by license, his approach to your health is far more inclusive than most chiropractic and traditional doctors. His program addresses the key components of health and wellness through a unique approach that combines structure, digestion and neurology. 

Based on years of experience and study, and thousands of satisfied patients, Dr. Patrick has chosen to specialize and integrate the following five approaches to health and wellness:

   Total Body Rejuvenation Treatments - A neurological approach that turns on the   switches between the brain and the organs to restore function. An ideal way to improve health without drugs or supplements.

   Digestive Relief Therapy Treatments - A biochemical and physiological approach that identifies the source of digestive symptoms and deficiencies and improves digestion and nutrition throughout the body. Ideal if you suffer from acid reflux, GERD, constipation, diarrhea, IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

   Natural Allergy Relief Treatments - Desensitizes the body to food, environmental and animal allergies so you can live your life without allergies or allergy-like symptoms.

   Chiropractic Treatments - Removes nervous interference in the musculoskeletal system and restores motion.

   Orthotics Treatment - Stabilizes and supports the body’s foundation and structural misalignments.

Collectively, Dr. Patrick’s approaches offer 5 effective pathways to your health because they provide solutions for the root causes of many health problems, not quick fixes that only mask the symptoms through drugs, shots or surgery.

Not everybody is every body. While some patients may need only one type of approach, other patients may need a combination of the above approaches. Through your health history, an examination, lab tests and an analysis of your health challenges, Dr. Patrick will customize a treatment plan for you using the best approach for your particular condition. In addition, he will suggest a plan for self-care so that you can maintain your success. 

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Disclaimer: Results of treatment may vary from patient to patient

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