Vitamin D - Is It Money Down the Drain?

If your body's ability to digest fat is compromised, no amount of Vitamin D is going  to nourish you.

When it comes to eating, did you know there is a difference between nutrition and absorption? 

Fat Digestion and Digestive Enzymes

You’re probably heard of: You are what you eat? A more accurate expression is: You are what you digest. Just because we eat a certain food does not automatically mean our body digests (i.e. absorbs) the food’s nutrients.

Take Vitamin D for example. Many of us have all heard about taking Vitamin D supplements, a fat-soluble vitamin. Vitamin D however will not get absorbed unless you have good fat digestion. If your body’s ability to digest fat is compromised, no amount of Vitamin D is going to nourish you. Several symptoms of compromised utilization of fat include dry skin and hair, achy joints, and hormonal problems.

Fat is essential to your health and one of your body’s three major building blocks. 

If you suspect digesting fat is a problem for you, please give my office a call at 530-899-8741 so we can help you figure out how YOU can be what you digest!

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