Vitamin D - Should You be Taking It?

Lately it seems you can't go a day without seeing another article about the miraculous benefits of vitamin D. Numerous studies seem to show an association between low vitamin D levels and a variety of conditions, ranging from something as benign as the common cold to something as harmful as cancer.

A large review of 172 randomized clinical trials for vitamin D supplementation was published in the December 6, 2013 Journal Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology. While vitamin D's role in bone health is well proven, researchers found that there was little or no effect on other disease occurrence as a result of vitamin D supplementation. Just because a deficiency may be associated with a disease or condition, it does not automatically mean that the deficiency is the cause of the condition. Authors of the study suggest that low vitamin D levels may only be a marker of ill health and disease related inflammation, not the cause of disease(s).

My view on low vitamin D levels is that low levels of D start in the digestive system. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. If a person cannot digest and utilize fats properly, they are going to have low levels of vitamin D because fat is essential to 'carry' fat soluble vitamins D, E and K. Just pounding down ever larger doses of vitamin D will do little to make up for the deficiency if you cannot digest your fats. Furthermore, deficiencies in fat digestion will result in a host of other health problems, because proper fat digestion is essential to immune system function, our hormones, and our thyroid.

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Dr. Patrick Giammarise, DC, IHS

Dr. Patrick Giammarise, DC is founder of the Digestion Relief Center in Chico California. He can be reached by telephone at 530-899-8741

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