The Untold Opioid Story?

Perhaps you’ve heard or read about how drug companies have “settled claims” by  “agreeing” to pay the fines associated with product “misrepresentation”. Whether it’s an overstatement of the drug’s benefits or efficacy or an understatement of the serious risks or adverse outcomes that do happen when taking them, being sued has become a “commonplace cost of doing business expense” in the pharmaceutical industry.

A recent example is a new lawsuit brought forth by Orange and Santa Clara Counties in California directed at nine opioid drug manufacturers. Opioids, originally FDA approved for treatment in cancer and other end of life issues, have been insidiously, yet lucratively marketed to all chronic pain patients –a market increase of 100 million Americans.

The decision to take an opioid drug did not work out for 15,597 of these users who overdosed to their deaths in 2009. That’s twice as many deaths in the same year from prescription opioid overdoses than from cocaine (4,350) and heroin (3,278 put together)!

If these companies are found guilty, then why are society’s “legal drug pushers” sanctioned by the FDA – the agency that is supposed to protect us?

Pain is pain. We all want relief but we invite you to explore other options that don’t have a side effect of death.

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Source: “Not Another Typical Drug Company Lawsuit” August 1, 2014

Patrick Giammarise, DC has been an advocate and source for drug free health for thousands of people from Chico and Northern California for more than 17 years.

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