Eliminating “The Elimination Diet” ?

Since we often eat meals of fats, protein and carbohydrates in combination, it can be a huge challenge to try to figure out what foods are causing which reactions such as bloating after eating or bloating after meals.

In steps the “Elimination Diet”. The diet is based on eliminating all foods but one, then gradually introducing one more food at a time so that it’s easier to identify which food is the culprit. 

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Many people have found themselves eliminating the elimination diet because it is not very reliable. The problem is as more and more foods get added back into the mix the question becomes:  Is it the diary in the yogurt I ate yesterday afternoon or the gluten in the sandwich I had for lunch? 

Testing for what type of food reaction you may be experiencing - a food intolerance, a food sensitivity or a food allergy is going to give you better results. 

It’s wise to want to eliminate the foods in our diet causing us stomach and bowel problems. But what if you could not only identify the foods causing you problems but your body could be retrained to be able to eat those foods again?

That’s the work we do here at the Digestion Relief Center. So eliminate the guesswork, and know that a more comprehensive, reliable (and fun!) solution is available to you. Learn more by giving us a call at 530-899-8741.

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