Added Sugars Raise Cholesterol

“Want to lower your cholesterol? 
Cut down on the sugar!”

-Dr. Patrick

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A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that people who get more of their calories from added sugars have higher LDL cholesterol. Common added sugars are: cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and refined beet sugar. High sugar intake also correlated to lower levels of beneficial HDL cholesterol.

While researchers say they are not sure why sugar raises LDL cholesterol, I say just look at what normal function is for the body and the answer is quiet evident. After testing thousands of patients in my practice, high sugar intake usually correlates with higher LDL cholesterol and higher triglyceride levels. The reason--quite simply is that all those empty calories coming from refined sugars that are devoid of any minerals and vitamins get converted to fat. Fat gets transported to peripheral tissues for storage by LDL cholesterol.

Reducing your intake of sugars and refined carbohydrates is and always has been the key to reducing cholesterol!

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Patrick Giammarise, DC, founder of the Digestion Relief Center in Chico California uses a whole body systems approach to treating patients with bowel problems and food sensitivities. He can be reached at 530-899-8741.

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