Protein Supplements - Can You Handle Them?

“Advocates for high protein intake often fail to consider if you can digest or utilize all that extra protein”

-Dr. Patrick

Protein Supplements - Good or Bad?

Ever pick up one of those muscle magazines at the gym or health club? You’re likely to find pictures of beautiful men and women with rippling muscles and perfect bodies. Many of the ads and articles advise you to indulge in specially processed whey protein so you too can look like a young Mr. or Ms. Universe. What the question these advocates for high protein diets fail to ask is if you can digest and utilize all that protein. 

Failure to digest massive amounts of protein will result in bowel toxicity and burden the liver with toxic alcohol compounds as the protein ferments in the gut. 

Some men can digest high amounts of protein, but then find that it stresses the acid base balance of their body so much they end up with swollen and painful joints. 

So how much protein should I eat per day?

One online calculator associated with body building tells you a 175 pound man should eat between 175 and 263 grams of protein per day. A more conservative recommendation by WebMD is 56 grams per day for a man, or 112 grams for a very athletic man. Thats a pretty  big difference between two expert opinions. 

So how much protein should you eat per day? Our answer is the amount that your body can adequately digest, process and utilize. Simply there is no one number— we are all different. 

If you’ve been pounding the protein, and just don’t feel as well as you used to, or are finding that you are having joint pain, or bloating after eating, maybe it’s time to have an evaluation. Our 24 hour urine test and comprehensive digestion challenge test can identify if you are getting the most from your food and protein supplement.

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Dr. Patrick Giammarise, DC, IHS uses a functional approach to solving your bowel and digestive problems. He can be reached at the Digestion Relief Center, in Chico California and by telephone at 530-899-8741.

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