Probiotics and Weight Gain?

 We have known for decades that gut bacteria affects the weight of animals. Since the 1950’s ranchers and farmers have given antibiotics to livestock and poultry to make them grow fatter.


Guess whose coming to dinner? The same antibiotics given to the  animals we eat are passed from their gut to ours. Hmmm…

This long-term use of antibiotics in animals, plus frequent antibiotic use for medicinal purposes in humans, is a cause for serious concern because studies are revealing it’s having a negative impact on our GI tract.

Some scientists theorized that increased use of antibiotics (and ‘antibacterial’ products) may be eliminating the ‘friendly’ bacteria that help people regulate appetite and metabolism- 2 key factors affecting our body weight.

Whether these theories are right or wrong, one thing I know for sure: Based on my clinical experience, many patients I see daily need probiotics to counteract today’s ‘antibiotic effect’ - no matter what the source. 

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