Should I Get a Flu Shot This Season?

Remember the very best defense is a strong immune system

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The answer to this question is a lot trickier than a yes or no answer. A recent study conducted by Dr. Michael Osterholm found that 59% of people who got the flu vaccination experienced some sort of protection from it. Though some people do benefit from getting the flu vaccination, what about those other 41% of people that still got the flu after getting the vaccination?

“If your toaster only toasted your bread a little more that half the time you would demand your money back.”

This analogy used by to illustrate the amount of protection a flu shot brings to it’s recipients. Is it worth making a young child or a senior citizen take an additional vaccination if it only works half the time?

Anyone who decides to get the flu shot should keep in mind that it may not protect them completely. Foreign proteins and chemicals in the vaccine may even harm your immune system.

Remember the very best defense is a strong immune system. Make sure you wash your hands and avoid touching your face with your hands when your out in public

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