Hope for People Who Have Food Sensitivities

“If you have a food sensitivity 

it may not be necessary for 

you to avoid that food. Find 

out how you can here.”

-Dr. Patrick

Two big problems that food allergy sufferers face are diagnosing what foods they are allergic to, and then having to avoid those foods once they know what bothers them.

Traditional allergy specialists don’t have much to offer people with food allergies. First, most traditional approaches rely on uncomfortable skin-prick tests or blood tests for antibodies. These tests can identify “true” allergies, but miss countless sensitivities that produce allergy symptoms, and cause people to suffer. In reality, people are much more likely to have a sensitivity than a true allergy. Traditional testing misses the bulk of problems people face. 

A second problem is that medicine has nothing to offer you other than telling you to avoid the foods you are allergic to. Good luck with that one if you’re experiencing allergy-like to wheat or another ingredient that’s commonly used.

The good news is that with the TBR (Total Body Rejuvenation) work that we do, we can rapidly identify what foods people are sensitive to without expensive and painful tests. And there’s even better news-- with TBR treatments we can harmonize the energy of the body with the foods that you are sensitive to and you can eat those foods again without having allergic-like reactions. Call our office at 530-899-8741 for more information on how you can eat the foods you want again with our program.

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Dr. Patrick Giammarise, DC practices a whole body approach for relief for allergies and bowel problems at the Digestive Relief Center, in Chico California.

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