10 Healthy Foods For Your Gallbladder

If you’d like to improve the health of your gallbladder, you’re probably not surprised to find that one of our first recommendations is to make some dietary changes.  Modifying the foods you eat may be all you need to save your gallbladder from the surgical knife.  From a gallbladder health perspective, there are foods that heal and food that cause harm.  

Of course, if you’re pregnant, please consult with your doctor before making any dietary or supplemental changes.

Food choices and references vary so widely that it is never “one choice fits all.”  So, please experiment with these food suggestions based on your own taste preferences, lifestyle, and common sense.  In addition, because there are so many ways to prepare and eat the foods suggested below, we recommend that you search for recipes to find the best ways for you personally. 

Here is a list of 10 super foods that promote good health for the gallbladder:


Apple Juice, Unfiltered, 1/2 cup first thing in AM and last thing at PM

Malic acid thins bile and increases bile flow. Caution: If you have diabetes, or yeast / Candida overgrowth substitute unsweetened cranberry juice for the apple juice.  See cranberry juice below.




Malic acid thins bile and increases bile flow.  Pectin removes cholesterol and can soften gallstones.


Artichoke Leaves

Caffeylquinic acid found in artichoke leaves promotes bile  flow. 



Betaine supports the liver detoxification, and thins the bile. Contains pectin, which reduces cholesterol and can soften gallstones.


Beet Greens, Steamed

Oxalic acid benefits the liver, moistens the intestines and improves the bile flow.


Carrot Juice: 2-3 ounces daily before lunch

High fiber promotes bowel elimination; high vitamin A content is also anti-inflammatory  and heals the digestive tract. Carrots can also be useful for dissolving stones. Pectin removes cholesterol and softens gallstones.


Cranberry Juice, Unsweetened (Can also substitute cranberry tablets)

Malic acid thins bile and increases bile flow.



Good for reducing gallbladder inflammation.



Sulfur compounds break down fats and  stimulate bile production and flow of bile.


Sauerkraut and it’s juice, 1 tablespoon per meal increasing to 1/4 cup

Raw, salt free sauerkraut products improve the digestion of fats, promoting bile output.

Our recommendation: 

Experiment with these health-promoting foods and notice if or how your digestive health improves. Keeping your gallbladder healthy, might just allow you to keep your gallbladder.

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