Flu Shot: A Shot in the Dark?

Flu shots may not be a good idea when your immune system is already overloaded.

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A patient came in the other day to share that her doctor advised her to get a flu shot. This patient has a history of immune compromising conditions such as Lyme’s disease and metal toxicity issues. She had been advised by another medical specialist years ago to not take any vaccinations because they contain foreign proteins, which aggravate the body’s immune system.

When she shared her opinion with her current doctor about the fact that vaccinations contain foreign proteins the doctor said,  “You ingest foreign proteins everyday”. 

Apparently her doctor forgot basic physiology. The foreign proteins we ingest are broken down by the digestion system into amino acids that our body can assimilate. The foreign proteins in a vaccine bypass the digestion system and go directly to the bloodstream, which stimulates an immune response, which is not always a favorable response.

If you already have a compromised immune system, or an autoimmune condition this is not good advice. 

Want better advice? Do things to support your immune system, not break it down.

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