Children's Allergy Medicine: To Dye For? 

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“Apparently when it comes to pharmaceuticals, marketing trumps the medial motto: ‘Do no harm’!

Last month one of my patients, a 6-year-old girl, was brought to me with multiple allergies that caused her to break out in hives and itch. Her pediatrician suggested she use Claritin.

Mom followed the doctor’s advice and the drug suppressed her hives, temporarily …until Mom switched to Children’s Claritin thinking that would improve things. It made it worse. It was then that Mom learned Children’s Claritin has red and blue dyes in it. I assume that the dyes are there to make the pills more colorful and visually appealing to kids. 

An allergy medicine containing highly allergic chemical compounds? LOL? Or not!

Many kids and adults are reactive to food dyes and additives. Apparently when it comes to pharmaceuticals, marketing trumps the medical motto: ‘Do no harm’!  

How sad for unsuspecting parents who don’t know this.

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