Children and Allergies: Options for Treatment

If your children or grandkids suffer from allergies enough to take them to the doctor- a doctor that uses medications and/or shots- please note.

Kids are way too young to be treated with allergy medications and (of course repeated shots are never popular with kids). The side effects of medications are incredibly harmful to growing bodies- bodies working to develop strong bones, muscles and organs.

Medications have been found to affects their joints and bones, compromise their immune system and make kids sleepy or drowsy. Poor sleep in turn may affect their performance at school, their ability to get along in social settings and may cause behavioral issues due to the drain on their ability to stay focused.

There are other solutions to treating kids with allergies that do not use shots or mediations.  

If there is a better more effective method for treating allergies, it makes no sense to place your child at risk.

Check out this recently published article in North State Parent (Summer, 2014) for a description of how other parents have solved their children’s stomach and respiratory issues due to allergies. Click here

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For a success story on how harmonizing the body’s reaction to food sensitivities helped two Northern California children overcome painful eczema, click here.

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