Information on Bloating After Eating

I have heard many comments from friends and family about feeling bloated after eating so I started researching the subject online and discovered that Bloating after Eating has a lot to do with “What you eat!”   It is really important to learn how your body digests the food you eat and to recognize that when there are problems of feeling like you ate too much,  it may mean that your diet is not balanced for you.  

To minimize Bloating Eat a  Proper Diet For You

I’ve learned that all people digest food differently and that there are factors associated with bloating that are completely in our control.  One is to be aware of what, if any, medications you are taking that may affect how the food your are eating is digested.  Also, as we age, our bodies don’t produce the as much of the stomach acid needed for normal digestion, so we must make sure we have some of the good and necessary foods on board that will aid in the digestion process.

Dr. Patricks Website, has a LOT of information on Bloating After Eating and if you have ongoing problems with Bloating you should contact his office to schedule an appointment or a conference call so he can learn your particular dietary habits and make recommendations to you to eliminate or minimize the bloating you’re having.  

His website has information and links to other websites to better understand bloating problems and how to deal with them.

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