Are You One of the 75% Who Are Chronically Dehydrated?

We have all heard of the importance of drinking water but do you know WHY it’s so important?   

Human Body Water

Consider this: Your body is about 60% - 70% water! 

We need to drink at least ½ of our body weight in ounces of water, and even more if you are active. (1 glass = 8 oz.)


Water removes everyday toxins from our body. 


Dehydration slows the body’s metabolism. Without enough water, you may start to feel ‘daytime’ fatigue, experience fuzzy short-term memory problems and have difficulty focusing.


Water plays a role in almost every bodily function. It regulates the temperature of our body, carries nutrients and oxygen to our cells, protects our organs and tissues, cushions our joints and helps to move our waste!  

That’s a lot of benefit for something that is free! So drink up…

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