Adult-Onset Allergies -  Why Am I Getting Them Now?

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We hear that children sometimes “outgrow” allergies. But what happens when grown adults get allergies?

Chemicals or mold in workplace and household settings, foods, a new pet, hormonal changes and the process of aging are all factors that play a role in adult onset of allergies.

Environmental exposure built up over time from these common allergens, and the body’s accumulated toxic burdens are two well-understood triggers for adult allergies.

What is less understood is the role our digestive system plays in developing allergies, especially as adults.

Did you know your gut has a lot to do with how the immune system reacts to allergens? That’s because 70% of the immune system is located in and around the gut and the digestion system. Our gut is the body’s first line of defense against bacteria, viruses and parasites.

When we develop chronically poor digestion our gut becomes inflamed, resulting in undigested food particles leaking into our bloodstream (called ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’). This explains why you could eliminate the trigger to an allergy, such as a pet or household mold, but still have allergic like reactions. The immune system is over taxed by the undigested food and has to work harder to eliminate the accumulated burden placed on it. This is especially relevant as we age.

An effective and systematic treatment approach is to first improve digestion and heal the leaky gut. This helps to lessen the stresses on the immune system so that it can do its job, which then helps to take the burden off the organs of detoxification. This, in turn, resets the body’s ability to keep up with the toxic burden of our day-to-day environment.                                                                                             

If you have been suffering from itchy eyes, runny nose, bowel problems or other annoying allergy induced symptoms, we can help. Give us a call to find out how you can get relief, because like children, you can outgrow your allergies also with a little help!

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Dr. Patrick Giammarise, DC, IHS

Digestion Relief Center, Chico, California

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