10 Things That May Be Making You Tired… and What to Do

Our immune system is nothing short of a miracle. We are exposed to 1000’s of different types of toxins in daily life and relatively few take hold in our system. That’s because our immune system can adapt and fight the invaders off most of the time until it can’t fight them off anymore… and then we get sick. 

When our natural defenses can no longer keep up, it creates fertile ground to fatigue our immunity to the point that it’s in a chronic state of overdrive working to protect our body from the daily load of toxic exposure. This becomes the hidden conditions for nefarious organisms to thrive and is often an overlooked cause of feeling ‘tired all the time’.

In a healthy body, our brain is able to accurately identify and correct what is stressing our immune system. However, if we have hidden stressors such as low-grade viruses, bacteria, protozoa and parasites - too name a few - our brain may not able to accurately identity the stressor due to being overworked, malnourishment or aging. It’s like the stressor goes underground and falls off the immune system’s radar screen. 

While our immune system still works to respond valiantly, it may not be effective at providing the barrier to the invader any more. So, even if your body is not directly engaged with some sort of ‘dis-ease’ in your system, the fact that it is present still requires an immune system response. This is how you may be experiencing a continual drain on your body’s resources without even knowing it. 

To reverse this pathway, we provide a treatment that works to help your immune system manage, quarantine or kill the microorganisms, thereby improving the chances of restoring health and increasing longevity. Our treatment enhances the brain (autonomic nervous system) and immune system to recognize what’s hidden and then to stimulate the body’s defenses against these long-term, chronic, low-grade stressors.

Here is an illustration of the factors that drain our energy on the left and factors that recharge us on the right.

Things That May Be Draining Your Immune System     VS.    Things That Recharge Your Immune System

Three Reasons for Weakened Immunity

When our immune system becomes malnourished, excessively stressed and/or simply ages over time, our bodies become vulnerable. While our immunity may become weak for other reasons such as medications or long-term diseases, here are the causes we see in our clinic more closely.

1.  Malnourishment undermines the immune system big time. Almost 70% of all immune system cells are in the linings of the small and large intestines! While the immune system is intricately involved in most matters of the body because it’s ubiquitous, it’s affected the most by digestive problems. Our greatest exposure to harmful chemical and bacteria from the outside world is through the food we eat. This explains the correlation between people with compromised immune systems or chronic illnesses and digestive problems. 

Restoring your body’s ability to nourish itself is key to restoring your immune system for many reasons. If we are not able to digest key food groups such as fat and protein, our bodies are not able to repair tissues and provide the essential fuel for the immune system to perform its daily functions. 

Allergies, food sensitivities and food intolerances can also wreak havoc with our immune system because it creates a permeable gut lining that opens up the pathways to bacteria, viruses and parasites entering the vascular system, placing even more of a burden on the immune system.    

2.  Excessive stress can be typical psychological stressors that occur in everyday life such as relationships, work and financial issues. While any type of ‘outside’ stress has an impact on our immune system, lesser-known stressors that are hidden but may be causing health problems are allergies, pathogenic organisms, toxins and physiological functions. These conditions create a continuous signal for help from the immune system. This in turn places a continuous excess burden because the brain has lost its ability to identify it and take care of it. 

3.  Over time it is not uncommon for our immune system to become dysregulated. As with other parts of our bodies, the immune system ages as we age. Functional imbalances probably had been affecting the body for years if not decades before chronic illness takes hold. Our bodies adapt - borrowing resources from one part of the body to support the deficient of another - sometimes significantly. But chronic adaptation has its price - fatigue and then failure. It’s like driving on a flat tire. Left unintended, significant future damage will occur. 

 What You Can Do 

Here at the Allergy and Digestive Relief Center, we understand how frustrating a journey to feeling better can be. Many patients have come to us over the years and now feel better after discovering that we work to fix the causes not cure the symptoms. Once we are able to identify the stressors, we open the body’s path to communication again so that it can do what it does best - heal itself.  

Just to be clear, daily fatigue or lethargy is not normal. Being treated for these hidden stressors could be the missing piece in your treatment of feeling tired all the time or simply not feeling well. If you have been in the gray zone… that place where tests are negative but you still don’t feel well, or you have attempted to self-treat unsatisfactorily, you may want to consider a consultation with Dr. Patrick at 530-899-8741. You can also learn more about how Dr. Patrick helps your body cope and rid itself of other fungal, parasitic, and infectious conditions naturally by visiting our website at www.DigestionReliefCenter.com

Since 1999, Dr. Patrick Giammarise, DC, IHS, has helped North State residents by using a whole-body systems approach to health. He specializes in providing natural relief for food and environmental sensitivities, intolerances and digestive problems. For more information contact Dr. Patrick at 530-899-8741 or visit www.DigestionReliefCenter.com

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