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Wouldn’t it be great to know what causes your skin to erupt into blemishes, rashes or unsightly bumps?It can be embarrassing, especially for women, because unlike other conditions that can occur in our body, facial skin problems are the most visible.

Some skin conditions may have something to do with what we place on our skin topically and/or environmentally. That can be an easier fix because when we know what is causing our eruptions, we can stop using the product or reduce our exposure.

What you may not have thought of before is that skin conditions can also be about what we place into our bodies. And what do we place in our bodies every day? – food.

One of the most frequently overlooked causes of unhealthy skin is an inability to digest food well. No matter what you eat, your body must be able to assimilate the nutrients and eliminate the toxins properly.  Healthy digestion means that you need to be able to digest all three major food groups - fats, proteins and carbohydrates – the body’s essential building blocks for healthy function and healthy skin.

Here are just three ways digestion plays a role in healthy skin:

First, it’s essential to digest fats for healthy skin. The body needs fat to make healthy cell membranes. If you are unable to digest your fats well, you will tend to develop dry skin, dry hair and eczema or other rashes.

The digestion of proteins also plays an important role. We need protein for healthy collagen and skin elasticity. Even carbohydrates in balance with fats and proteins contribute to healthy skin, although excessive intake of simple carbohydrates like table sugar can result in increased blemishes and outbreaks.

Food allergies, sensitivities or food intolerances make it difficult for your body to extract the nutrition needed by your skin to stay healthy. The side effects of medication and our body’s ability to accept hydration well also plays a role.

Secondly, the skin is our body’s largest organ of detoxification.  Poor digestion and accompanying chronic constipation produces bowel toxicity that stresses the liver and kidneys. Toxic overload from the kidneys or liver transfers the burden to the skin to eliminate the toxins. This may result in skin congestion, eruptions or spider veins.

Finally, as we age our digestive system ages too. Aging skin changes, becoming drier, thinner and therefore more susceptible to environmental and chemical irritants. This may result in photo aging or pigmentation issues, loss of elasticity, or extreme dryness.

If you have a skin condition you would like to clear up and have not yet considered your skin’s relationship to your digestion, consider going deeper for the solution because beautiful skin begins from the inside out.

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