10 Things Medicine Doesn’t Do Well

Alternative Medicine and Natural Treatments - Why Drugs Don't WorkIn 1994 a study commissioned by the American Medical Association (AMA) was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The purpose of this study was to determine why Americans made more visits to alternative health practitioners than general practice medical doctors.

It was found that the public sought alternative treatments for the following ten conditions:

Did you know?
One third of all cancer deaths can be prevented by diet and lifestyle changes. 

So what do these ten conditions have in common?     

First, none of these conditions responds well to medical treatment… otherwise people would not spend their own out of pocket money on alternative treatments. Second, medicine has no way of objectively measuring the causes of these conditions with labs, and therefore cannot identify a pathology or disease to treat.

While none of these conditions are life threatening, they are precursors to chronic degenerative diseases. All these conditions are symptomatic of a pre-disease state where your body is out of balance and struggling to maintain normal function. When the body can no longer compensate, disease may result.  Thus, if you have any one of these problems, delaying doing something about it, eventually may result in a disease, and medical treatment will be necessary.

Fortunately, there are a few doctors such as myself that can identify where your body is out of balance and restore your internal balance.

Our practice specializes in three areas to help you restore your internal health before you end up with disease.  The enzyme and digestion testing we do identifies nutritional and biochemical imbalances. The work we do with NAET, and Total Body Rejuvination, identifies and eliminates food sensitivities and energy imbalances in your body. And the chiropractic we do, works to remove structural imbalances and stresses. All three approaches work together to restore the body’s natural balance and health. We understand internal health from the inside out. 

If you or someone you know can benefit from this kind of holistic approach to balancing the body, please have call us for a consultation.

Dr. Patrick Giammarise D.C., Internal Health Specialist, Founder of the Digestion Relief Center, in Chico California, specializes in effective, natural relief for food sensitivities and digestion problems. Dr. Patrick can be reached at 530-899-8741.

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