Lowering Cholesterol Naturally In Chico?

Nearly 28 billion dollars are spent on cholesterol lowering drugs that pose serious side effects for many. Find out how you can lower your cholesterol more effectively without the dangerous side effects of drugs

You probably already know that lowering your cholesterol is important to the health of your heart. And, if you are like many people, you may even think that high cholesterol is the cause of heart disease. But there’s more to understanding cholesterol than meets the general public’s eye.

Let’s begin with exactly what is cholesterol.  Cholesterol is a fatty substance that is made by almost all of our cells. However the majority of cholesterol is made by our liver.  Cholesterol is used for many purposes. For example, cholesterol is used to make and repair cell membranes, and as a raw material to make hormones. Cholesterol’s fatty substances are also used to make the outer layer of nerve fibers--fibers that coordinate functions from the brain to our organs and muscles. Without adequate amounts of cholesterol, we eventually become sick.

Foods that lower cholesterol, Lower cholesterol naturally

Does eating high cholesterol foods raise your cholesterol? Let’s take eggs for an example. Many people think that eggs cause high cholesterol. Despite having cholesterol in them, eggs have very little to do with raising your cholesterol.  Reduce the amount of eggs or fatty foods you eat and your cholesterol does not drop significantly. Why? Because your body automatically calls for the level of cholesterol it needs to repair damaged tissues. Cholesterol production works like a thermostat. If you lower the amount of cholesterol that you eat in your diet, your body will respond by having the liver make more cholesterol to bring it back to the level it needs for tissue repair. 

Cholesterol itself is not the cause of any disease. High levels of cholesterol are simply an indicator that there is damage to the cells and tissues of your body. Elevated cholesterol levels are a sign that there is systemic inflammation in the body and there is tissue and arterial damage occurring as a result of chronic inflammation. Chronic systemic inflammation is a sign your body is out of balance and is attempting to repair itself. However the cost of unchecked systemic inflammation can eventually be devastating to your health.

Recently doctors have started using a C-reactive protein test, which is a way to measure inflammation in your blood. This is an important test because the root cause of high cholesterol levels is inflammation. Treating high cholesterol without treating its cause – inflammation -- is like removing the brain to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

You have probably heard that you can lower your cholesterol by lowering the amount of animal fat in your diet. This works sometimes because you are lowering the types of fat that actually cause inflammation in the body, and as your inflammation decreases the need for cholesterol also decreases.  You may have tried lowering fats, but still find your cholesterol is high. That’s because dietary excesses of either fat, or carbohydrates, along with compromised digestion of protein can all lead to inflammation and elevated cholesterol ratios.  

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