High Blood Sugar? Low Blood Sugar?

Blood sugar must be maintained at an adequate level to give the brain fuel.

There’s been lot in the popular press lately about blood sugar, pre-diabetes and the risk of diabetes. What does it all mean for you?

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Most of us love sweets. In fact, our tongue and brains are biologically programmed to like sweets to prevent us from being poisoned. But it’s not the sweets found in Mother Nature but the refined sugar and corn fructose found in so many processed foods that becomes the problem.

Maybe you‘ve had symptoms of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar fluctuations: fatigue, shakiness, sweating, weakness, irritability, poor sleep, headaches, blurry vision, and brain fog. You may have been to your doctor and been diagnosed with hypoglycemia, prediabetes or insulin resistance. Or, you may have even tried to figure out how to adjust your diet to prevent the rapid rise or fall of your energy levels.

Are You Hypoglycemic?


Blood sugar must be maintained at an adequate level to give the brain fuel. Glucose is the only fuel our brain uses. When the brain does not have sufficient glucose to fuel itself – i.e. hypoglycemia – it makes it difficult to perform everyday tasks such as driving, attending school, focusing at work, or having enough energy to exercise.

In a healthy body, our brain and glandular system work together to maintain blood sugar. The part of the brain called the hypothalamus monitors your blood sugar, and sends a message to the glandular system for the adrenal glands and liver to release energy stores. The liver then converts protein into glucose to raise your blood sugar.

However, if you have poor protein digestion, and/or a glandular system that has been exhausted by stress or illness ,you will not be able to raise your blood sugar.

These basic body malfunctions are often overlooked by traditional approaches yet these factors are at the root cause of blood sugar problems.

The Solution

If what you’ve tried isn’t working, join thousands  of other people in the Chico,  Redding, and the Sacramento Valley who have gotten their blood sugar under control with our 3-part approach: we improve your digestion, especially of protein and simple carbohydrates (sugars), offer a short term food plan to rebalance your body and we provide neuroendocrine stimulation to help the body reestablish it own natural ability to maintain its blood sugar without medications.

To learn how you can overcome diabetes and low blood sugar call Dr. Patrick’s Chico office today at 530-899-8741 to schedule a consultation so you can feel better again!

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