Skin Rashes: Lynda’s Success Story


"I first met Dr. Patrick at one of his monthly seminars. I had gone to a dermatologist for 6-8 visits before deciding to see him for a chronic skin problem. I felt frustrated because their treatments of topical creams and steroid shots did not work. Plus I knew they were not good for me and that whatever relief I did get was only temporary.

“I feel and look so much better. When my friend, who hadn’t seen me for a while asked in surprise ‘OMG what ahve you been doing?’… it made my day!"

For a year and a half, my problem showed up right on my face. I wore more makeup to try to cover up the puffy eyes, and the flaky, blotchy, itchy postulates but makeup didn’t make the problem go away.

After visiting with Dr. Patrick for a few weeks, my skin cleared up! Not only that, but I was having some related digestive problems (constipation, acid reflux and bloating) which he also helped me with.

In searching for a doctor and a solution, I encountered the paradox of today’s health care: My health insurance paid for all my visits with my dermatologist but the treatments were ineffective.  I paid out of pocket for my visits with Dr. Patrick but the treatments were effective. With a little rearrangement of my financial priorities, it was definitely worth it! I feel and look so much better. When my friend, who hadn’t seen me for a while asked in surprise “OMG what have you been doing?” … it made my day!"

- Lynda

Chico, California

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