Shingles: Judy's Success Story

"I first came to Dr. Patrick to have him help me solve my IBS after attending one of his seminars.  Then I came back after not being able to solve my shingles problem. I had tried natural essential oils, the drug Valtrex, and the Shingles vaccination but they all ended up not working very well because I had reoccurring shingles for 2 more years sometimes as often as every 3 weeks.

I was miserable. I itched a lot of the time and I had a burning sensation that felt like someone was pressing a lit cigar against my skin. The drugs had side effects. I felt drowsy, I couldn’t think clearly, I couldn’t drive,

I had to give up my water walking class and cards with friends, which I hated to do.  It was depressing because I couldn’t make any plans since I never knew when the next outburst would occur.

After just one visit with Dr. Patrick my shingles went away! I am so relieved. While Dr. Patrick told me that he couldn’t cure my shingles, he did tell me he could help me manage it.  

My advice is if you have had multiple bouts of shingles there is nothing that mainstream western medicine can do to help you. It is important to check out Dr. Patrick as an option. He is well worth the cost given the results!”

- Judy

Chico, California

Digestion Relief Center 

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