Salicylate Sensitivity: Nina’s Success Story 

“Today life for me has become a bowl of cherries again literally! 

I am delighted I can now eat my favorite foods with enjoyment instead of dread.”

“I came to understand after researching online that I had salicylate intolerance. My adverse reactions to eating foods containing salicylates had become very difficult for me because strawberries, cherries and spinach where some of my favorite foods! Plus I knew eating lots of fruits and vegetables is important to my health but salicylates are in so many foods that it was not practical to completely eliminate them, (and I didn’t want to!) Naturally I was frustrated because the problem sure took the fun out of eating, both at home and at restaurants.  

Then, through a chance conversation, I began to share my symptoms and salicylate problem with Dr. Patrick. I told him I was experiencing stomach pain, and depending on what and how much I ate, my skin itched, swelling occurred in my throat, prompting coughing spells for a few days, and I felt tired and headachy. 

Once I learned Dr. Patrick could treat my sensitivity to salicylates with just a few treatments, I got hopeful that I would be cured of having to forgo, or pick and choose my food so carefully. 

I was surprised to learn that Dr. Patrick’s approach did not make it necessary to desensitize me to each food individually that contains salicylates. All he did was treat me to the substance itself, which made it possible to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. It worked and I am really grateful that I met Dr. Patrick.” 


Yreka, California

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