Parasites: Marla's Success Story

“I am 74 years old, a retired teacher and my health has generally been very good.

I began to have digestive concerns – bloating, gas, stomach aches constipation – about 5 years ago. The problems seemed exacerbated after hip surgery and by having to take so many antibiotics. 

I also routinely took antibiotics before dental appointments every 3 or 4 months during the preceding 3 years. All this together resulted in diarrhea for 8 weeks. I lost 15 pounds, had little energy and had a constant bellyache. I wanted my digestive stress resolved.

I have always been wary of allopathic doctors and have greater trust in alternative medicine. I saw the Digestive Relief Center’s advertisement in the local magazine Lotus Guide so I went to see Dr. Patrick. He identified several causes – gluten sensitivity, poor carbohydrate digestion and parasites – to name a few. Over several weeks the diarrhea stopped and has not returned and my stomach pain is gone.

I like how Dr. Patrick listens and acts on patients’ information as well as reading the signals the body sends as to its state of being.”  

  - Marla

Chico, CA

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