Chronic Fatigue: Jenny's Success Story

Now that I have been seeing Dr. Patrick for about three months I can see a future for myself that I did not see before.

“My mother first heard about Dr. Patrick and his work from one of his current patients who encouraged my mother to bring me in to see Dr. Patrick. 

Before I came to see Dr. Patrick I had been through almost everything to try and fix my fatigue and digestive problems. I tried Lyme treatments, vitamins for digestion, Beano, and a homeopathic approach with no sign of improvement. I even made a few trips down to the Scripts Clinic in San Diego. Not only did I not have any success but I was told that I was faking my condition and was a spoiled home-schooled kid. My body is so reactive that I couldn’t take many of the supplements and medications given to me because I would react or it would make my problem even worse. I took antibiotics for a month and I became sick for about a year due to the antibiotics causing my candida to be out of control.

My daily life consisted of being on the couch all day and sleeping. I was fatigued and in a great amount of pain. It was impossible to make any new friends or keep my old friends because one week I would be fine then for the next month I couldn’t leave the house. 

Being stuck inside also caused some emotional issues to arise I became depressed and anxious.

Now that I have been seeing Dr. Patrick for about three months I can see a future for myself that I did not see before. I have started studying for school again and I am able to focus on my studies rather than my pain. I have even started taking my dog for walks regularly, which would have been impossible a few months ago. Most recently I was able to make a trip to San Francisco for a weekend without any problem. Before, if I made a trip, I would be exhausted for the next month just trying to recover.  

I am really happy I met Dr. Patrick because I have my life back, and if I never had met him I would still be on the couch. Through this treatment I am now convinced that digestion is the underlying problem.”

Jenny, age 20 

Redding, California

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