Infant Colic: Kelsey's Success Story

“From the day my baby was born he was in pain and colicky. His pediatrician thought he had reflux and was going to put him on medicine by the time he was one month old. I decided to try a more natural route and we came to Dr. Patrick. 

I saw results after the first visit. By the third visit my baby was a whole new kid. He smiled all the time, slept longer during the night and wasn't crying anymore because he wasn't in pain any longer.

I cannot explain the love my kid has for this doctor. Every time he sees Dr. Patrick he lights up and smiles the biggest smile. If he could talk I swear he would tell me that Dr. Patrick is his hero, I know he is my hero!

If you have a baby with colic, I would highly recommend Dr. Patrick. A happy baby makes for a happy household. Thank you Dr. Patrick!”

- Kelsey

Chico, CA

Digestion Relief Center 

2639 Forest Avenue, Suite 120 Chico, CA 95928


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