Indigestion: Dr. Eileen’s Success Story

If you’re having indigestion read this: 

A little over two weeks ago, after recurring bouts with the flu and several rounds of antibiotic treatments, which left me chronically fatigued, I had the good fortune to discover Dr. Patrick’s work with diet and enzymes.

"No longer do I crave foods which are bad for me… best of all, my energy is back!”    

Prior to Dr. Patrick’s evaluation, and recommendations, I experienced frequent bouts of indigestion, bloating, low energy levels, and food cravings.

After determining the cause of my digestive problems, modifying my diet and taking food enzymes with my meals, I no longer have bloating, or upset stomach symptoms. No longer do I crave foods, which are bad for me; in fact, I find that my food even tastes better without sauces and high calorie extras. 

Best of all, my energy is back!"

- Dr. Eileen

Chico, California

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Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is the most common functional gastrointestinal (GI) disorder with U.S rates generally in the area of 10–15%.


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