Stomach Pain: Mary Ann’s Success Story

“It was nice to come to someone and have a clear answer as to what was going on.”

I suffered from stomach pain, back pain, lack of energy and had trouble digesting food for 5 years after taking antibiotics. I was excited and relieved to see Dr. Patrick. My husband and I did a lot research and work on changing our diet and felt like we were doing the right things but having the guidance of Dr. Patrick was such a huge relief. 

I had gone to a doctor when I first started having the pain and they put me on Prilosec. I went back again and they said the same thing. The Prilosec didn’t help and I didn’t like taking it. I felt like there had to be a better solution.

I have seen huge changes! I now have an appetite, and feel like I can digest my food. I can clean my house, ride bikes with my family, ride in the car without pain and have an occasional cup of coffee. I can do all the things a normal person does and not feel exhausted!”

- Mary Ann 

  Chico, California

Digestion Relief Center 

2639 Forest Avenue, Suite 120 Chico, CA 95928


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