Heartburn and Acid Reflux: Greer's Success Story 

“I first heard about Dr. Patrick while reading the paper. Since I am from out of town I had never heard about his approach nor had I known anyone personally who had been to see Dr. Patrick. I had been through all the tests, check-ups, and prescription medication of Western medicine so I was looking for a different, more effective approach to my problem. 

I am comfortable and not in pain and I am able to concentrate on things around me rather than my reflux.

Originally, I went to see my regular medical doctor about a sore throat that had been bothering me. I had thought my sore throat was from allergies, but I found out it was caused from acid reflux. I was then referred to an ear, throat and nose specialist who gave me a dose of penicillin, which did not help. The dose of penicillin was then doubled, which made me begin to worry about all the antibiotics I was putting into my body. I was then moved to Prilosec, which made things worse because of a large rash that broke out on the front of my legs. Finally, I was put on a medication, Ranitidine, that helped my reflux but I lost my appetite almost completely.

My problem with reflux was affecting my daily life and I was always uncomfortable. I would have to sleep upright with 3 pillows at night, even though I rarely got much sleep. I had developed a hiatal hernia. And my food was not being digested properly. The worry of getting esophageal cancer was on my mind regularly because I knew if I could not get a handle on my reflux I could develop severe problems in my esophagus. I could almost never eat out because I didn’t know what restaurants would put in my food and I did not want to risk being up all night from the burning of reflux.

Now that I have been seeing Dr. Patrick I feel much better. I am able to sleep through the night, which makes almost everything easier. I am comfortable and not in pain and I am able to concentrate on things around me rather than my reflux. I am thrilled with the amount of comfort I am experiencing and I’m very happy with my results since seeing Dr. Patrick.”

- Greer

Gridley, California

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