Heartburn: M.S.'s Success Story 

I attended one of Dr. Patrick’s seminars about heartburn after seeing an ad in the local newspaper. I had been taking over-the-counter drugs like TUM’s to try and suppress my heartburn. I had to watch very carefully what I ate. I didn’t eat anything that was spicy, contained citrus, and I gave up coffee altogether.

“For anyone who is thingking about coming to see Dr. patrick, my advice would be: Don’t think twice about it and come with an open mind."

I was also taking a few prescription drugs, Omeprazole and Ranitidine at different times, but I didn’t feel comfortable continuing with them. While my symptoms improved while taking prescription drugs, I knew that they weren’t solving the problem, just covering up the symptoms. I was miserable and worried that I might develop an ulcer in my stomach. Even though I was able to continue on with my daily life, I was not nearly as comfortable as I wished to be.

Since seeing Dr. Patrick for about 2 months, my stomach has settled way down. When I mentioned to him that I did not sleep well, and that I took melatonin, a sleep aide and an allergy pill just to be able to fall asleep at night, Dr. Patrick had a drug free cure for poor sleep as well. Each time I see Dr. Patrick I find out something else he can help me with. I am always overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge he has and seems to know or have a fix for everything. He is so easy to talk to and kid around with. I just feel so comfortable in his office, it’s amazing.

For anyone who is thinking about coming to see Dr. Patrick, my advice would be: Don’t think twice about it and come with an open mind. Even though I don’t always understand how it works, it has helped me a lot.”


- M.S.

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