Heartburn:  Jan's Success Story

"My husband was actually the one who saw the information in the newspaper for a heartburn seminar, which he attended. (I was too sick to get out of bed and was basically living in survival mode.) My daily life consisted of just getting through the day. I couldn’t do any housework or yard work or even go for walks, which I used to do daily. 

"No MD would have given me the relief like Dr. Patrick has! Why not try an approach that works?"

I had been seeing a gastroenterologist for Achalasia [Severe throat spasms, difficulty swallowing and acid reflux problems] but the doctor didn’t seem very concerned about my digestive problems and severe bloating. After talking with 3 gastroenterologists, my husband and I discovered that gastroenterologists don’t have anything to do with food or stomach problems.

Two years ago I almost died at Feather River Hospital. I spent 9 days in the hospital where they gave me Botox in my esophagus and put in a pacemaker because my heart was so severely stressed from my condition.  I was unable to eat for 3 days at the hospital and I was only alive on a chemical level. Once I was discharged the Botox injection seemed to give me some slight relief, but two months later I had to go back to the hospital to get another injection. We had to have a machine brought to our house because I had to be on oxygen. The only food I was able to eat for 2 years was hamburger and potatoes. I started to realize that the Botox was just masking my symptoms and that the MD’s who were taking care of me had given up hope.

I have been seeing Dr. Patrick for a little less than 2 months and my life is completely different. I am now able to eat foods that I wouldn’t have ever thought I would be able to eat for the first time in 6 years. I’m able to do housework, yard work, I’m off oxygen and I have started up my daily walks again. The bloating is gone which I am extremely happy about and I am able to sleep through the night.

I recommend Dr. Patrick to anyone who has suffered like me. No MD would have given me the relief like Dr. Patrick has! Why not try an approach that works?"

- Jan

Chico, California

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