GERD and IBS: Jean's Success Story 

 I am 53, and retired. I am a skeptical, fact-based, “black and white,” type of person and have a medical model background from being in the nursing field since 1977. My husband, who was very supportive and open-minded, came with me to one of Dr. Patrick’s IBS seminars. I could relate to the multitude of discussed signs and symptoms.  After we did a follow up consultation, my husband encouraged me to give it a try, saying – “What do you have to lose? The MD’s just push pills or treatments at you.”

“My husband and I are now able to do extended cross-country travel, and hiking and I can eat in a variety of places."

I had gastrointestinal distress – heartburn, alternating constipation and diarrhea, severe abdominal cramps, weight loss, frequent migraines, and multi-joint inflammation. I had been diagnosed with IBS while in college so my health challenges had been happening off and on for a long time.

It became a vicious cycle. Many symptoms were worse at night so this led to not sleeping well, which led to functioning in “survival, sheer grit and willpower” mode in a fast paced, very stressful management position in the health field. I slept propped up in bed due to GERD. I did the essential home tasks but had no extra energy or desires for creative pursuits, hobbies, and backlogged “To Do” lists. When I didn’t feel good, I was moody, upset, resentful, and withdrawn at times. I had much less patience with my spouse and cats and didn’t adjust well to unexpected changes or curveballs. My coping skills were depleted.

After my visits with Dr. Patrick, my sleep and energy levels improved as well as my ability to handle the day’s events and challenges. I have less joint pain, my back and hip pain resolved, my mobility improved, I have much less bowel upset, reduced cramps and no GERD or heartburn. My husband and I are now able to do extended cross-country travel, hiking; I can eat in a variety of places, and my system weathered it fairly well.

What surprised me about Dr. Patrick’s approach is it is holistic! He seeks to get to the root cause of the problems and not just treat the superficial symptoms. The causative agent isn’t always apparent. I was amazed by the integration of the mind and body and how low level food sensitivities add up with a domino effect on my body. He knows a LOT about the entire body, explains what is happening in understandable terms, and has resource books to share if you are interested. He is very professional, compassionate, competent, and has a friendly office staff as well.

You need patience, an open-mind, and you must do your part as well or it won’t work!! Insurance generally doesn’t cover it. But what is improved health worth to you? It’s about quality of life!"

- Jean

Chico, California 

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