Diarrhea (Chronic): Sherry’s Success Story

“I started to experience my worst symptoms after the double fracture of my forearm in a fall. Lots of antibiotics later, I was having severe bloating, constipation, cramping, a grumbling belly and lots of diarrhea. Every food group was bothering me!

Due to this condition, I would be in the bathroom for hours on end sometimes 3 - 4 hours daily.  In fact I felt like I couldn’t leave home because it would strike at anytime. Sometimes I would only eat 200-300 calories a day. 

I saw my family doctor who referred me for a colonoscopy. I had several stool cultures and ultra sound. I tried the recommended diets. This all resulted in not getting any help from MD’s. So I went to a natural healer, several acupuncturists: no help there either, at least not for long term. 

My symptoms were getting worse; I was becoming hopeless. I couldn’t leave home to run errands, see a movie or even go to the dentist for fear of another bout of diarrhea. This went on for 18 months. I underwent a 3 month long yeast cleanse program which helped; however I was still having severe episodic diarrhea. It wasn’t until I saw an ad in the Enterprise Record about unresolved bowel problems that I thought I might be able to get my life back to normal. 

After my visits with Dr. Patrick, I am not so depressed because my life no longer revolves around my bowel problems. It’s not such a burden on my husband anymore. I am now able to go out with friends for entertainment without having to worry about the previous “threat” of bathroom troubles.   

I am really happy to find an alternative that doesn’t involve invasive tests and strong prescription medications. I was hoping not to spend my final years in the bathroom feeling absolutely miserable, and it is coming true!”

- Sherry

Paradise, California

Digestion Relief Center 

2639 Forest Avenue, Suite 120 Chico, CA 95928


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