Diaharrea and Congestion: J.B's Success Story

“Before I met Dr. Patrick I suffered from diarrhea and congestion in my lungs and head for 25 years. The medications I was taking were not working anymore and that was when I began searching the internet for a new respiratory doctor. Dr. Patrick showed up on one of my searches and I hoped he would be able to help since nothing else was. 

I was concerned about my health because I had seen allergy and respiratory professionals, as well as other doctors in the past that were giving up. With Dr. Patrick’s approach, my treatment was simple and quick. I can retirement now. I was an active person and I had to stop doing anything, I can do most of the stuff I used to.

The medications he gave me weren’t working. And now I have even started cutting down on taking them, and stopped some medications. Before I met Dr. Patrick I was depressed, couldn’t do anything and couldn't sleep. Now I am able to sleep, I can breathe and my issues with diarrhea have stopped. I am 60 years old, retired and in good health.”


Glenn, CA

Digestion Relief Center 

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