Chronic Vomiting: Regina’s Success Story

“My neighbor knew I was in trouble because I felt nauseated and was vomiting all the time. I just couldn’t keep any food down. My skin looked pale, and my clothes hung on me because I had lost 24 lbs. While my neighbor encouraged me to eat more, every time I had a hint of food it was already on its way out. I was never far from the bathroom. I was really sick.

Of course I tried numerous solutions. I tried Pepto-Bismol to sooth my stomach. That didn’t work.  I went to a physician who told me I would need to see someone to get help with the problem I was having because he could not help me. I tried different chiropractors but didn’t get the same results as I got with Dr. Patrick. (I didn’t know chiropractors could help with digestion).

"In a way… I feel like Dr. Patrick saved my life.”

I was at the point of just giving up. There were times I wasn’t able to get out of bed on certain days. I thought to myself – this is it. The only saving grace was living in a subdivision with a lot of people around me. And then one day my neighbor invited me to come to one of Dr. Patrick’s seminars. 

As a result of my visits to Dr. Patrick, I now have a lot more energy and don’t feel like I have to go back to bed all the time. I have enthusiasm for life now where before I thought I was getting to the end of the trail at 88. 

In a way… I feel like Dr. Patrick saved my life.”

- Regina 

Chico, California


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