Chronic Fatigue: Danielle's Success Story

"A coworker of my mom’s told her about Dr. Patrick.  So I eventually went to visit this doctor my mom had been telling me about.

"After seeing Dr. Patrick, I have experienced miraculous results."

My worst symptom was I was sick and tired all the time and I am only 20 years old! I couldn’t function. I would sleep for 12 hours a day and I would get every cold, bug or flu I was ever exposed to. I missed a lot of school and time with my family and friends.

I went to various doctors and they would fix the cold but the cold would keep coming back. By ‘fix’ I mean they gave me antidepressants and thyroid medication, which of course was eventually ineffective because they never got to the cause of my health problems.

After seeing Dr. Patrick, I have experienced miraculous results. I have a life! I now feel good enough to go back to work. My energy has increased and I can now seek and accept modeling jobs, which require me to travel at times.

Meeting Dr. Patrick has changed my life. I used to ask myself: Is this going to be my life forever? Everything is different now. I am so thankful. (And so is my mom!) "

- Danielle

Los Angeles, California

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CFS has been diagnosed in a wide variety of persons, ranging from young children to adults in their 60’s. 


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