Childhood Allergies: Austin & Alexis’ Success Story with Eczema

"I Do you know your children or grandchildren don’t have to suffer or take medications to overcome many childhood allergies?

A mom called our office sounding very frustrated and tired. She explained how Austin, her 2 ½ year old son and her 8 month old daughter, Alexis had developed an unsightly skin rash creating sores all over their legs and back. Alexis had itchy eczema since birth. Austin was also afflicted with dry eczema and cradle cap. The problem was compounded, especially with her son because he naturally wanted to scratch his itch – so much so that his sores would bleed. He was scratching so frequently Mandy had to place in his onesies - those PJ outfits from neck to toes - in the heat of the summer! Mom, dad and kids were miserable.  

She had tried a dermatologist and several specialist doctors. This resulted in 2 one-gallon bags full of steroid creams and lotions, (plus several homeopathic remedies).  She knew that they were not getting to the root of the problem because everything she had tried, including the steroids, only worked short term. She also made lots of adjustments to the children’s diet without much success.

Within 2 weeks of first visiting us, Austin’s legs and back had cleared up and he was wearing shorts instead of onesies! (See pictures below of before and after). Our testing revealed that for Austin the biggest culprit was an allergy to milk. After testing Alexis, it was discovered that she was allergic to some of the foods Mom was eating due to Alexis still breast-feeding. But mom stated that until both children were we tested she did not know the full range of food problems.

Mom of course is so pleased because everyone is happier. She added “Nothing has given my family these kinds of results like your treatments”.

As told to Dr. Patrick 

- Mandy

Anderson, California


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