Chemical Sensitivities: Carol's Success Story

"Sometime after being treated for Lyme Disease, both locally by MDs here in Chico, and in Reno at the Centry Wellness Clinic by MDs and DOs, I developed what is called "multiple chemical sensitivity". I would experience an overall weakness and fogginess immediately upon breathing the chemicals from indoor air, whether I could smell anything or not. I would become foggy-headed and very weak upon entering many different kinds of stores, incl. grocery, clothing, hardware stores, etc, and also in outdoor garden centers/stores where pesticides and herbicides were sold. It seemed the indoor-enclosed air and the outside air were filled with "toxic" (to me) chemicals which was the problem that caused my immediate decrease in health. 

I'm very happy to report that I continue to be symptom-free of chemical sensitivity reactions...

I heard about the treatments, called NAET, that Dr. Patrick was doing. (He had already successfully helped me with Chiropractic care for my neck and back and also gave me a nutritional evaluation). Thus I went back to him to begin a series of NAET treatments that included, first foods and common substances. Then we progressed to perfumes, air fresheners, formaldehyde, solvents, cleaning materials, and other substances.  I continue to do MUCH better. 

I'm very happy to report that I continued to be symptom-free of the chemical sensitivity reactions except for a few "glimpses" while in stores or outside areas where chemicals are stored or sold. Currently I don't even have the "glimpses" of the symptoms. I just can sense that I should get away from the air that apparently is toxic to me. Thus, I leave as soon as possible, but I don't develop the weakness and wooziness that I used to have and which lasted for several hours.

Currently I am doing (TBR) Total Body Rejuvenation and Nutritional work with Dr. Patrick. His holistic view of health needs, and these two approaches are helping me with some complicated health issues.  

I highly recommend Dr. Patrick!"

- Carol

Chico, California

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