Candida: Janet’s Success Story

"I am a 69-year-old retired schoolteacher. For three years I had no energy, fuzzy thinking, I bailed on all social outings, and had bouts of days in bed. I was worried that this would be the rest of my life! I had tried NAET, acupuncture, colonhydrotheraphy and gotten blood work done without results.

I first came to see Dr. Patrick because of acute diverticulitis after a colonoscopy and candida, which I’ve had all my life. I was hoping to regain some lust for life and freedom from the discomfort, pain and lethargy. The brain ‘fuzz’ was depressing.

After Dr. Patrick’s treatments, I think more clearly, friends have told me that I am ‘beautiful’, have a ‘healthy glow’ and I have returned to being an active friend.  I am even been told I look ‘thinner’ because my bloating has been reduced!

“ I am even been told I look ‘thinner’ because my bloating has been reduced!”


I am looking forward to traveling and having fun again.

Coming to Dr. Patrick’s office is an amazing, loving and fun experience! Now my health is excellent and my brain is alive again with art ideas, which is my passion!

If you are considering coming to see Dr. Patrick, I would say JUST DO IT!"

- Janet 

Chico, California

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