Bowel Problems: Steph’s Success Story

The following email to Dr. Patrick is from a ‘long distance patient’. (If the patient cannot come to Dr. Patrick’s office, he offers an assessment and treatment consultation by phone).  

"I was so worried it could be very difficult to diagnose and treat me so far away without seeing me physically. But you are not only very knowledgeable but your personal experience and sharing your life story was very helpful!  I truly put off dealing with this issue because of the fear of appointments and tests and costs and time.....this was SO easy and just the fix I needed.  I would always chose to start with more natural solutions than traditional medicine anyway.

I am so relieved your services are available to long distant patients.  I'm running easier, no digestive discomfort or stomach burning issues, less cramping, bloating and diarrhea, able to eat more foods....daily life has definitely improved...with just a few of the right pills...amazing!  

My diet is slowly expanding. I gradually tried a few of the carbs I was avoiding.  I haven't had unpleasant side effects!  I am so happy that I finally researched and found a doctor that could provide assistance.  Your diagnosis was spot on and it's such a relief talking to a doc who knows my symptoms.

Thank you so much for your time and expertise.  I will easily recommend you to friends who suffer similar issues.  I am feeling so much better.  Will be calling soon for refills on everything. THANK YOU!"


New Jersey

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