Bloating: Melinda's Success Story

“My bulging tummy kind of crept up on me. I was noticing I had put on weight around the belly but was not gaining weight anywhere else on my body.  So I decided to go see Dr. Patrick.

Dr. Patrick did a treatment along with a short course of supplements that reduced my candida overgrowth, the fundamental culprit. I got it under control with a few dietary changes, reducing grains and packaged foods, which were contributing to the bloating. I now know I will need to continue my dietary changes to keep my bloating under control. 

I am very pleased because in just 2 weeks my bloating cleared up.  Dr. Patrick gave me the knowledge I need so that I can stay full with the proper foods on hand and still be comfortable in my clothes. I feel so much better. My brain fog is gone. I have more focus and energy. Plus I get to see my muscle tone again! 

If you are having bloating problems without ‘real’ weight gain, my advice is to decide you are worth feeling good again, know you will need to make some dietary changes and then when you are ready go for it.”

- Melinda B.

Chico, California

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