Allergies: Norma's Success Story

“After about 4 hours of being asleep at night, I would wake up sweating, and had difficulty breathing. I’d had to go to sleep ‘sitting up’ in my recliner chair. This happened for at least 3 months. 

While talking to Dr. Patrick about what I thought was Sleep Apnea, he questioned me about what kind of pillow I was using. When I answered “I use a feather pillow”, he tested me for a feather allergy, which tested positive. After his treatment, I went home that night and slept with a non-feather pillow and …I slept through the whole night!

The most fantastic news is that I am sleeping in a bed as opposed to a recliner chair. It’s a relief and delight to sleep in my bed next to my husband again.

I wonder how many people might think they have Sleep Apnea when they may, in fact, have an allergy.”

 - Norma

Chico, California

Digestion Relief Center 

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