Allergies: Liz's Success Story

“I took allergy shots for 20 years before finding relief with Dr. Patrick! 

I am a 62 year old, retired, former biller for a physician. I am generally in good health except I developed numerous food allergies and became allergic to my pets. I was having sinus and nasal drainage issues and was very limited on what I could eat. 

A friend told me about Dr. Patrick. I started out skeptical about ‘alternative care’ but became a firm believer in chiropractic and naturopathy for the last year. 

After his treatments, I am able to eat just about all the foods I was allergic to. I have less sniffles and stuffiness, and my gastro issues are much improved too. I am happier because I can eat more of a variety of foods. Plus I do not have a reaction! And even better… I can snuggle more with my kitties and dog!

I have told numerous people about how pleased I was with the friendly staff and Dr. Patrick’s results. Thank you!”

- Liz

Chico, California

Digestion Relief Center 

2639 Forest Avenue, Suite 120 Chico, CA 95928


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