Abdominal Pain: Sheri's Success Story

“I am a 54-year-old licensed social worker in good health…until I started experiencing constant stomach pain. I was afraid I had cancer or some other horrible condition. Every time I ate anything I would have pain, severe bloating and constipation. 

Even though I felt like I ate healthy, I had no energy, I had cravings for sweets and I wasn’t sleeping well as a result of the pain. Plus I could not lose weight. I first tried an acupuncturist, a Chinese medicine specialist, and a gastrointestinal doctor without much relief. 

As my digestive issue continued, I started feeling depressed. I went to work and would have to go to bed as soon as I got home. I had no social life because I did not have enough energy. I would spend my weekends ‘resting ‘and dreading the week ahead.

I found out about Dr. Patrick in the News and Review newspaper. I was seeking, in one word: Relief. I wanted to get a clear picture of what the issues actually were and find some realistic answers to how best to approach the problem. 

After Dr. Patrick’s treatment, I have no more pain! My relationship to food has completely changed.  I no longer have sugar cravings. I lost 20 pounds. I sleep well. And my family and friends get to see me much more often because I have more energy and I feel hope again.  

Dr. Patrick is professional, honest, caring, and compassionate. He described up front what the cost of the treatment would be and how long it may take. He listens carefully and addresses concerns as they arise. I feel very blessed to work with a health professional of his caliber.”

- Sheri Reece, LCSW

Chico, California

Digestion Relief Center 

2639 Forest Avenue, Suite 120 Chico, CA 95928


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