6 Tips to Stop Bloating After Eating

If you bloat after eating or bloat after meals, it can be pretty annoying. Did you know that bloating is your tummy’s way of trying to get your attention?

Here are 5 tips to help you reduce the bloat.

Excess air creates gas in our tummies.

          Chew with your mouth closed to reduce intake of air. Drink without straws for the same reason.

2 Fast food creates more bloat. 

          Gulping food chunks will create more bloat then pulverizing your food. Chew slowly and thoroughly.  Feeling bloated after Fast Food?

3    Be your own portion teller.

          Eating too large of a portion of any kind of food may result in bloat. It’s your tummy’s way of saying you’ve had too much!

Watch combination plates.

          Fat and protein digest more slowly than simple carbohydrates. Some tummies do not like when food plates combine fats, proteins and carbohydrates in the wrong proportions. Eat simply so your body can digest simply.

Look for bloating triggers.

          Some people notice dairy, others sugar, still others notice beans or raw foods give them the bloat. Make a mental note or keep a food diary to help you know what prompts your tummy to excessively expand.  The number one contributing factor to bloating is  your diet. Here are 33 trigger foods for Bloating. 

Eat anti-inflammatory foods.

          Reducing inflammatory foods such as grains and dairy and eating more anti-inflammatory foods may help. For an extensive list of anti-inflammatory foods click this link


Only you can help yourself with the first 3 tips, and the last tip. But we can help  desensitize you to the foods that are causing you to bloat after eating and improve your body’s ability to digest all 3 major food groups.

For more information about what causes bloating and how to reduce bloating, visit  Bloating After Eating, Bloating and Bloating After MealsOr call our Chico office for an appointment today.

Disclaimer: Results of treatment may vary from patient to patient

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