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Kate took great pride in the way she looked but recently her stomach became bloated after eating and her bowels constipated . She felt ‘stuffed’ despite being her normal weight and she hated the way it made her look.  Kate suffered from a combination of bloating indigestion constipation and an irritable bowel.

Amy’s friends called her a ‘space cadet’ because she was foggy headed all the time. She couldn’t remember basic things she had just said or done; and she was only 36 years old.

Bob had tried a lot of things to overcome his chronic pain and achy joints. Nothing seemed to work except lying in bed all day, which was not an option because he had a wife, kids and a job.

In our practice we have found that long-term solutions lie in addressing the initial causes of the overgrowth.

What do these three people have in common?


Candida is an overgrowth of Candida albicans, a type of yeast that can cause all kinds of chronic ailments in both men and women. While Candida albicans is naturally found on our skin, in the vagina and in our digestive tract, it creates problems when it gets out of control.

In healthy intestines, we have a balance of ‘good‘ bacteria, ‘bad’ bacteria and yeast that fundamentally keeps our bodies safe from outside invaders. It is when the yeast becomes overgrown that all kinds of lingering or unresolved conditions may result.

What Happens When Our Bodies Have Too Much Yeast in Our Gut?

Candida Symptoms Bar

Two things.

First, the lining of your stomach lining weakens and becomes porous. This allows allergens and toxins that develop to enter your bloodstream. This can also promote Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Secondly, we develop cravings for carbohydrates (sugars and starches) as our bodies start to feed the abnormally large amount of yeast in our intestines.

The yeast becomes a beast as it flourishes, causing even more harm to our intestinal lining and immune system.

What Causes Candida?

Some people have tried to address their candida by changing their diet, using antifungals or candida cleanses. While these solutions may be helpful in the short term, they often don’t work in the long term and the yeast returns.

In our practice we have found that long-term solutions lie in addressing the initial causes of the overgrowth. Multiple factors, such as medications that wreak havoc with our intestinal balance, a damaged stomach lining, and a leaky gut work together to conspire in poor health and over aching fatigue. Other factors include food sensitivities and undigested food that leads to an irritated bowel, gas and bloating. See side chart for more symptoms.

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If you suffer from bloating indigestion constipation, or diarrhea calling Dr. Patrick may be the best thing you will ever do to improve your health. We've thousands of patients in Chico, Redding, and across California life a life free of bowel problems. 

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