Heartburn Solutions In Chico: Take the Burn out of Heartburn and GERD

Heartburn and GERD Symptoms

  •  Do you get a burning or crushing sensation in your chest after eating?
  • Are you plagued by that familiar but sour taste in your mouth?
  • Does heartburn wake you up or keep you awake at night?
  • Have you given up eating foods you love due to indigestion?
  •  Ever go to the hospital with chest pain only to find out it was GERD?

Medications are only a temporary 'fix'  until the next time you get heartburn.

If you answered ‘yes’, you have the symptoms of GERD, (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease) also commonly known as heartburn or acid reflux. GERD is a real problem for people, because you can’t just stop eating!  You may experience heartburn headache fatigue bloating and many other symptoms of digestive stress. Left unsolved, GERD symptoms can lead to more serious consequences such as gastric bleeding and cancer.

What Have You Tried?

People - Man with Burning

You probably wouldn’t be reading this article if you had found satisfactory relief from your heartburn. Perhaps you have tried home remedies such as avoiding foods, eating smaller meals, elevating the bed, or eating earlier in the evening.

Or, perhaps you tried over the counter antacids, or went to your doctor for something stronger such as prescription acid blocking drugs.

The problem with these heartburn remedies is that at best they only offer temporary symptomatic relief and at worst they don’t work at all.


Because there’s no cure until you get to the cause of your heartburn. Medications are only a temporary ‘fix’ until the next time you get heartburn.

Heartburn Relief - When We Get to the Cause, You Get to the Cure

In our clinic, we have provided relief for GERD sufferers by addressing one or more of following root causes, which cannot be solved by a medication:

·      An irritated or inflamed stomach lining

·      Food sensitivities or food intolerances

·      Inadequate stomach acid and digestive enzyme production  

·      Mechanical or structural weakness with the diaphragm, (Hiatal Hernia) or valves of the esophagus and stomach.

A Better Solution for GERD Symptoms

If what you’ve tried isn’t working, join hundreds of other people in the Chico and Redding California area who have gotten relief from GERD symptoms with our 4-part approach: We nourish and restore the protective mucosal stomach lining, improve your digestion, reduce food sensitivities and stimulate nerve pathways that support the upper stomach and throat to reduce spasms and reflux.

To learn how you can go beyond temporary relief for GERD,   visit or call our office                                                                                                                        to schedule a consultation to discover how Dr. Patrick’s approach can help you. Call us at 530-899-8741 so that you, or someone you care about can enjoy your life more!

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